About Buns Are Fun!

Welcome to Buns Are Fun!  We are so excited to share this new line of t-shirts with you all.  We have had so much fun getting this off the ground. 

Buns are Fun was created over a family card game.  My daughter was sitting in my lap and I was trying to put her hair into a bun.  She was not happy about it and said I don't like buns!  I replied with a "buns are fun", and that was that.  That phrase never left my head and 1 year later we launched the first set of t-shirts. 

We have developed this idea more and are now creating a whole line of t-shirts designed around hair-do's!  We will be launching more t-shirts with more hair-themes very soon, so please check back with us! 

Our goal is to provide laughter and style for all those that want to show off their hair-do.  We hope you enjoy the store!